Marguerite W.
Wow! Food and service were both amazing. The wait staff actually cooked all fo the food at the table which was nice. The portions are huge. There were 4 of us and we ordered a combo for 4 people and it easily could have fed 5 or 6. Really good experience!
J Austria
Food was enticing, service was amazing and my tummy was buzzing. 9/10 would go again!
Kathleen McDonald
We had the most amazing meal and the owner was so phenomenal. She was so passionate about her restaurant and cooking. She even brought us a pumpkin soup appetizer and a sweet cinnamon tea for dessert. I can't stop things about that tea 🤤 There was also a generous amount and variety of banchan, which is very important to me. I'll definitely be back next time I'm in town!
Erica Jeong
We had a great lunch today! Here is one of my favorite restaurants in Ktown. This restaurant has ‘All you can eat’ menu. We enjoyed so many meats and shrimp, soups as well. They also serve great side dishes, highly recommend this place.
Yoki Wang
Decent All-you-can-eat with 2 pricing options. Again as a beef tongue lover I would say the beef tongue quality is satisfying. Pork jaw also is a new nice surprise to me. The free soup and side dish kimchi are both tasty - Will consider coming back again!
First time here and I recommend this place for everyone. Good food and good atmosphere. Staffs are very attentive to us. Price probably a little bit high but you pay for good service and food. ☆Good Food ☆Good Service ☆Friendly Staffs
Christy W.
I hesitate to write this review because Ten-Raku is a secret hidden gem and I don't want other people to find out about this place and have it blow up like the other KBBQ places in LA XD Since ya'll my yelp fam I decided share my experience here. Prior to coming here my favorite KBBQ place in LA was Quarter (basic, I know) and having lived in LA for 6.5 years and tried so many KBBQ places I was pretty confident in my choice. However, my friend recommended Ten-Raku so I gave it a try. First of all, you're able to make reservations here which is amazing because the worst thing is to wait in line when you're hangry. We shared combo C between 4 people (1 guy 3 girls) and it was way to much food...I suggest this may be OK if you had more guys or maybe girls with bigger appetites. One thing that stood out to me was the crab banchan, it's freaking delicious and I've never had it anywhere else before. We literally went through 3-4 services of the crab and was full before the meat came XP Combo C has all the meats and they came out in two plates. I liked the meats in the first plate better (second plate had brisket and the pork belly and they were ok) I also don't eat intestines so wasn't a fan of the meats later in the combo. We also ordered a bunch of soju and beer. The total turned out to be about $50 per person, which is on the pricier side but totally worth it and we were very very satisfied. You can valet your car in the plaza out front but the plaza is tiny and you're in ktown so I assume street parking will be a bit of a disaster so you don't really have a choice.